Have you ever wondered how much money you’ve earned over the years?  I mean, it’s gotta be a sizeable sum if you’ve been in the workforce for a while. I was thinking about this and then came up with a natural follow up question. Is our net worth more than what we’ve earned? After all, wealth is what you kept, not what you earned. We are doing quite well on the net worth front so I thought our answer would be yes. You might think you’ve got this one as well, but hold on…

This question is simple and the answer is relatively easy to figure out. However, you probably will be disappointed with the answer. It is extremely difficult to be worth more than you’ve earned, especially when you’re younger. It gets a little easier as you get older, but this is still impossible for most regular people. I’m sure only very few households can achieve this impressive feat. That’s because saving isn’t enough. You need a lot of time, too.

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