As if it weren’t hard enough to get in and out of Target with just the EOS shaving cream and lip gloss that you came for, now the shopping mecca wants to make an even more emotional connection with its shoppers — on Wednesday, Target introduced four new brands that are guaranteed to make your heart skip a beat and fork over your cash (sorry!).
This is part of Target’s strategy to get you to spend more time in their stores. In addition to playing upbeat music (to get your heart racing and encourage you to spend), the retailer wants to offer a boutique experience at a lower price point that’s focused on lines that are actually cute.
A New Day, a women’s brand that is meant to be mixed and matched will be available in September, as will Project 62, a chic home offering. JoyLab, an activewear line that’s “fitness-meets-fashion-and-function” hits shelves in October, and so does Goodfellow & Co., a menswear brand that provides modern takes on clothing and accessories. Seems like Target is getting fashion-y AF.
According to the Wall Street Journal, Target took a look at the brands that were performing the best and began to phase out the ones that weren’t (like Merona and Mossimo) to create niche labels that speak to customers’ need to feel special. “People are looking for something that is more curated and meaningful to their specific lifestyle,” said Mark Tritton, Target’s chief merchandising officer.
These four collections are the first of over a dozen new brand launches coming to Target over the next two years and will be available in stores and online in early September. Good luck trying to get out of Target now!
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Maybe you haven’t noticed how often Victoria Beckham wears sunglasses when she steps out. If the stylish designer has a newfound love for flats, her affinity for oversize aviators and ultradark lenses has never wavered. Victoria even gives Anna Wintour a run for her money when it comes to the staple accessory. (Yes, she’s worn them to sit front row at runway shows too.)

Why are we talking about sunglasses you might ask? It’s the summer baby and we have to look fabulous behind our dark lenses; and who can better inspire the badass look than the VB lady herself!

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